Activity log

From 19th of February to 10th of March I kept activities log. I wrote down everything I did.

Log activities summary:
I spent 85 minutes a day on TC activities (writing updates, commenting, reading posts) during those 3 weeks. A little scary. This contest drained a lot of energy from me, but I met wonderful people there. It was worth it.
Tracking itself took me about 9 minutes a day. I spent about 70% of my working day in front of computer, so I have my log made in Excel. It’s easier to get meaningful data out of it than from the paper sheets.
Writing my stories and blog posts – about 50 minutes a day.
Creating content for future website: 10 minutes.
House choruses, cleaning, making meals and so on: 142 minutes. A bit of shock. I thought I delegated much of my duties to my sons.
Toilet: 22 minutes. Mainly because I have about 50 yards to the toilet in my work.
Managing my mailbox: 9 minutes. I decided to unsubscribe from many newsletters. I hope it’s less now.
Spiritual activities: 68 minutes. I was positively suprised… till I checked out my numbers from November. The progress was illusory. It was 10 minutes more then.
Learning basics about Kindle and SEO: 40 minutes (mostly while commuting to/from work)
My personal mission statement: 19 minutes (you know, 1300 words)
Focused work at my full time job: 3 hours 51 minutes (please don’t tell my employer). Just kidding. I’m database administrator, my work is similar to fireman’s job – I work when there is a catastrophe. The rest is just maintenance tasks. When everything works fine there is little to do.
And two painful numbers at the end.
Sleep: 6 hours 37 minutes. It was literally painful, as 22nd of March I’ve got the worst case of a flu in my life. I believe sleep deprivation had a lot to do with it.
Quality time with family: 26 minutes.

What do you think?