Stop! Read to the end. It’s not my “wall of fame”, it’s about you.
A year ago I read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. To be exact, I read it 10th of July 2012. Once. Not entirely, I skipped first few chapters.
I practice its teachings for about 11 months (yeah, it took me a while to get started).
My wife says she doesn’t recognize her husband.
got rid of some bad habits and adopted a few dozens of new habits.
I’m describing my habits on my personal blog, up to date I’ve written down about 36 of them.
By the way, I started that blog and the blog here, in the Slight Edge community.
I’m building a mailing list.
I develop my spirituality. I study the Bible every day; I study the Church’s documents constructing my personal philosophy based on Its teachings.
I made a lot of personal development materials for my own use, including several hours of audio and rewriting the Science of Getting Rich.
I lost some weight. I read about 70% faster. I read about 20 saints’ books and 20 personal development books.
Thanks to SE discipline my son finished the school year with honors. I didn’t expected that at all.
I made a website with my “experience dump” - over 100 life tips.
I more than doubled my savings.
I’ve met people from all over the world in Transformation Contest and I can call them my friends.
I overcame my shyness. I talk with strangers from time to time. I have interesting stories related to this SE discipline, but I’ll leave them for another post.
I’m preparing for the first professional exam in my life (Oracle, I’m a database administrator). Well, I’m prepared in fact. All I need to do is to pay and set the date.
I’ve developed a personal mission statement and I do everything possible to live it.
A part of my mission statement is to be a writer. Almost 3 months ago I’ve published my first work. In English, which isn’t my native language.
I’m far from being famous and financially successful, but my dream comes true. Total strangers are reading my works.
I’ve published second book and third one waits for edition. 4th booklet is in production (about 50% ready).

Almost everything above have been done in 10 minute bursts. Absolutely everything of it I consider as things easy to do (and not to do).

Do you know which of my posts on this blog is the most popular? The one about Kindle publishing in Finance category. Not a very bright or unique piece of content, I’m sure.  We all err. We look for quick fixes, ready formulas, easy ways out. For external sources of power.
There is no such thing. We should look for fixing our mentality first and foremost.
The Slight Edge alone has no power at all. All the power lies within you. I had a capacity to do that all from the beginning. I should have done it long ago.
But it was the Slight Edge philosophy which ignited me to start. And steeled me to persevere.
I wish the same to you from the bottom of my heart.
Stop looking for step by step guides. Start searching in your soul.