Blood giving

I’m a blood giver. I gave my blood first time in 2001. I just wanted to help my sick aunt.
I found it an easy way to help others. I just needed to be healthy and spare an hour once in 2-3 months.
I had some other, minor motivations, too.
At that time I was studying and I was so poor, that I literally couldn’t afford to buy a chocolate bar for my children.
And in Poland the blood donor receives 8 chocolate bars at each donation.
After university study I was hired full-time and I used another little advantage of blood giving in Polish law – a day off.
But then, it started to be not so useful anymore, my employer was dissatisfied with my 4-5 additional days off a year. I changed a company, but from that time I had always in back of my mind the warning sign. I tried to use my own spare time every second time I gave my blood.
Giving blood started to be troublesome. Lack of time. I couldn’t even take a painkiller for headache. I had some health problems, so I couldn’t donate as often as I would wish. I persisted anyway. Having about 45 gallons donated I realized, I will actually be entitled to free use of public transport.
Now I had a goal and I did my donations with that goal in mind. It wasn’t very hard to do. Remembering not to take any medicines one month before donation; reserve a couple of hours every few months; sometimes reserve a day off; eat much of vegetables a week before donation.
It was easy not to do. I just could sit on my coach and watch TV.
In hindsight I realize, I had another additional advantage – I have been checking my health regularly 3-5 times a year. Are you checking on your health as often? Leukaemia , infectious and many other disease would be diagnosed if I would had one. I knew when I was stressed or exhausted – it was shown in my blood test results.
In October 2012 I achieved 82 gallons of blood given which entitled me to use city public transportation for free. Now I’m reaping harvest of my 12-long-years effort. I’m saving about $45 monthly on tickets costs monthly. $540 a year. $5400 a decade.
And someone had an use of my 82 gallons of blood.
The Slight Edge is not a magic spell cast on life. It’s just how the life works. In every ascpect.