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Yesterday I had an amazing experience. I was struggling to fix a roller-blind in my apartment. My son had broken it 2 days ago. A day before I’ve been working on it for over an hour. My manual skills are much below average and I just don’t like to get involved into complicated-than-using-hammer manual labour….
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Stole my Thunder

Well having ignored the letters from the DVLA since September, regarding my previous car, it turns out as you know, ignorance in the hope it will go away is never a good strategy. On Saturday they sent a fine notification, as the car was still registered to me and they had no record of any…
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Show up!

Education and its rules in Poland are changing rapidly (each government is changing something :/ ), but in my day I have to take an entrance examination to be accepted for a master’s program. I met there – I mean on examination session – my friend from the kindergarten, Arek. The university’s city is the…
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It’s worth to study regularly

The high-school certificate in Poland, translating word-by-word is oficially called “the maturity exam”. Serious business. I had never… wrong, I had problems with education, but it was later, during my university studies. But being 18, one year before the maturity exam, I had no significant educational problems. “A” was my usual grade from every subject….
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Personal introduction

I’m convinced that SlightEdge is a powerful and true philosophy. It’s not because Jeff Olson is such a good writer, he just revealed a truth about my life. I’ve read quite a number of books about personal growth and there was always a tiny voice of doubt in my head: “well, it worked for him,…
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I like what my SE friend is doing in our community: Trinity Clark telling detailed story of her everyday SE struggles. Or another example of sharing personal experiences: Tim Plett’s advice . It inspired me to do the same and I’m grateful for it. That’s my vision of our SE community – to share our…
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Test Blog 12/6

No problem just testing.

Stag Party, Hen Party & Street Performance in Cologne

After the carnival that I’ve enjoyed at Bonn at the end of winter. The previous weekend was the first weekend that I felt the “specialty” of the summer of Cologne. Starting from previous week, the weather became warmer and and I felt like finally the real summer has arrived. When we were outside of the…
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Introverts & Extroverts: Gene, Food or Lifestyle Influence The

The previous back to Malaysia visit was great. The next time when I back there, I wish I could stay longer. It was wonderful that I’d met people and friends, enjoying the great spark of socializing, relationships, exchanging ideas, sharing stories, laughing together or simply spending time with someone while having some tea etc. I…
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Epilepsy Awareness Bike Ride

Hello Everyone,   I would like to share with you how thankful I am in life.  I am so thankful, that today I see myself going out of my way to help others.   First, let me tell you a bit about my backround, and then I will explain what I am doing to help…
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