My friend, Trinity asked me recently, how the Slight Edge has affected my life.
7 months passed and looking from the outside my life didn’t change very much. The same family, the same flat, the same work, the same car.
It’s my schedule which changed. I’m doing literally dozen things that I didn’t. Gratitude diaries, weekly rhythm register, reading professional documentation, meditation, smiling to strangers, diet tracking, spendings tracking, paying myself first.
I write. Since December I’ve written about 60.000 words. I’m working on my website, I think I’ll launch it next month.
I’m constantly learning: internet marketing, Kindle publishing, SEO, writing and I suppose few others things I forgot to mention.
I don’t do many things I did before. I don’t play computer games anymore. I don’t read to entertain myself (I’ve read only two books in purpose different than educational during those months). I don’t watch TV and movies (I watched a single season of serial this week; I got a flu, a fever and I felt unable to think clearly, so I killed some time).
I have several ideas for books.
It is all so vague and unsubstantial, that every few days I have discouraging thoughts about returning to the “previous” life. But…
There are also some visible changes I can pinpoint. I lost 17 lbs. I read 50% faster. I have personal mission statement. I doubled my savings.
The revolutionary changes are still ahead of me. Paying off my mortgage. Publishing a book. Quitting my job. Doubling my income. Doubling my free time. Reading 700 words per minute. Buying a dream house.
So, do you think it changed my life or not?