Do you need perseverance?

Aristotle, Zig Ziglar, Confucius, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Winston Churchill, Napoleon Hill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Anthony Robbins, Albert Einstein, John D. Rockefeller, Ovid, Douglas MacArthur, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, the Bible and the Koran both, among many, many others – all agree that perseverance is at least 80% of the success. Some even said (T. Edison) that it is 99% of the success. Nonetheless there are about 800 million results for the keyword “success” in Google and less than 20 million for “perseverance”.

It’s simply out of fashion nowadays. Modern society just doesn’t appreciate perseverance. You need money, love, job, friends and happiness AT ONCE not in a month or a year. “Next month” became a synonym for “forever”. But it’s a backward attitude. Life doesn’t work that way. What you really need, is to work daily for a month or a year to get what you want.

Longterm commitment can be daunting… but only from the perspective of a single day. When you look back from a perspective of 100 days on any task you dared to held on, it’s not daunting at all. It’s exciting.
The main attribute you need to turn daunting into exciting is perseverance.

As a SE practitioner I know it very good from my own experience. Speed reading training is soooo daunting. I don’t like it at all. But I’m reading 70% faster after 10 months of 10-minute practices. Weight loss is daunting! But I can list several additional advantages of it, including self image boost and self confidence boost. Today morning I’ve beaten another of my fitness records – I did 57 dips. That’s exciting!

I firmly believe in repetition as a mean of training, especially the mental training. That’s why I created for my readers a list of 100 perseverance quotes which are delivered daily straight to their mailbox.

So, do you need more perseverance?
For 100 days, the new quote will be coming to your mailbox to reinforce your determination each day… or to change your mood from feeling miserable to unstoppable.