I think we really don’t appreciate our experience. In “Cultivating an unshakable character” Jim Rohn said that if you have no other source to build your confidence on – education, achievement – you can build it on the fact that you exist. It means you have valuable experience, the one which allowed your survival – he argued.

One day I was going to work by train. I heard a lady talking quite loudly on cell-phone.
She was complaining to relative, that her teenage son plays computer games too much and slacks in his school work.
I had similar problem with my son. I managed, more or less, to handle it. And I had a solution for her from my experience. My answer wasn’t complicated or 100% effect guaranteed, but fast to implement and effective.
But I didn’t share it. I’m too shy to talk to strangers. She was continuing her call and a train was stopping at my station.
It was pure chance I met her and heard about her problem. I don’t usually commute by that train. Probably I won’t see her again.
That day I decided I will put on a website as many of such simple advices as I could think of. Things I know from my experienced that works. At least worked for me. Easier said than done. Everything I do habitually is buried deep in my subconscious. The hardest part was to come up with every “new” tip. To write them down and arrange categories, give titles etc. was easy.
As with everything else Slight Edge helped me to do it. For over a month I woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual and meditated upon my experiences. I didn’t stop till I found at least two. Then I wrote down appropriate keywords to commit them to memory. Later during the day I phrased those experiences into website posts. That’s it. Three simple disciplines. Meditation, keywords, posts.
Intellectually I knew it is possible to do it. But every time I started my meditation I had a mantra: “You found so many of them, there is NO WAY to find more” in the back of my mind. And every time I replied: “OK, just two more, only two”.
Later on creating a webpage was just a question of technical issues (and money). It is still not ready, but very close to official premiere. It includes 98 posts, regarding different areas of my “expertise” – health, parenting, relationship, frugality, time management…
When I will publish it I will let you know.