Progress by tiny steps

The Slight Edge is plainly awesome. Anybody can do it. You just pick an area you want to work upon and one simple discipline. You know you can do it. Pick something which is easy to do and easy not to do. Below some life examples.

Weight loss. I have been already losing weight when I read SE book. I had lost about 6-7 lbs in 3-4 months. I didn’t need any disciplines, I already had them. The only thing that changed was, that I was doing my workouts with the end in mind. I set a goal. And I did exactly the same things as before. In 3 months I lost another 8-9 lbs. Then it was December, holidays, cakes and my weight stuck. I restarted in January. Again, I did nothing new in a ‘real life’. The same diet, the same exercises. The only new discipline was my diet diary – writing down everything I eat and drink. It wasn’t a tool to constraint myself, just a tracking tool. I’m 138 lbs now, 15 lbs less than in the moment I read the book. It’s my ‘dream weight’.

Fast reading. In the middle of October I decided to practice fast reading. I did it 10 minutes a day. I started from about 250 words per minute. Now I read 360 to 410 words per minute (depending on day). Not even 5 months, 10 minutes a day, the result: 44% progress!

Studying the professional documentation. At the end of 2012 I took knowledge test. I already have been studying documentation 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 2 months. The result was devastating. I’m too ashamed to confess it. But the next 2 months I was studying documentation (the same 10 minutes a day) focusing on the materials from the course. My result is 148% better. Still below the certificate boundary, but heck! 148% better!

Finance. That one was hard for me. It’s not easy to find a simple discipline to practice daily in this area. At the beginning I had just one, monthly: pay myself first an amount equal to 2,3% of my income. That’s it. Later on I decided to track all of my spendings. And I mean ALL and I mean TRACK. I’m writing down every cent I spend. I didn’t believe it will make a difference. The most of money in our household is spent by my wife. My responsibility is to pay bills. It’s hard to shave money on bills, isn’t it? And I gave up long ago any attempts to dictate my wife how to spend. The outcome was always… messy.
And I have been doing household budgets since 2009. I was paying attention to my finance. Really.
There were some external influences. In October 2012 I achieved 82 gallons of blood given which entitled me to use city public transportation for free. My wife got salary raise. It meant our total income raised by 2,2% and spendings went down by 0,83% of our income.
As I said I’m doing household budgets. I know exactly the amount of money we’ve earned and saved since June 2011 (before that day I didn’t track savings). Before reading the book I had been saving 4,8% of our income. From September 2012 to February 2013 this rate is 13,5%. Even excluding savings on tickets and my wife’s salary raise it is still 172% of improvement!!!

What are you waiting for? Go and practice the Slight Edge in your life!!