Purpose for Life

My purpose for life was lifted when Team Law asked me to read The Slight Edge . Reading the book was a pledge to Team Law . I felt , if it would help me to get my property back and teach my daughter that lying and stealing another’s property was not kosher .

While I was reading The Slight Edge I was pulled into the ora of the reading . It gave me another purpose . I enjoyed reading the book .

I realized I had Morgellons Desease around the year 2000 . This was scary . No one knew about the desease . The county health department said : We don’t know anything about this desease and we don’t want to know anything about it , May we help you ? ”

I was astonished at the coldness and the directness . The doctor had no problem stating ” We don’t want to know anything about it . ”

In 2006 my mother died . My daughter , sister and niece that turned into my nephew had convinced my mother to change my parents will . My Dad was in a rest home and knew nothing of this . My Mother gave 80 acres of property , stocks and bonds to the three .

With Team Law’s help I hope to recoup some of what I have lost .

I also hope to teach my daughter she was wrong in what she did .

I want to thank the Slight Edge Comunity for being here , I thank you very much and God Bless Every one of you .