The Beginning

Wow. Here I go.

The path to a better life as always begins and ends with God in the front driving (He’s not the copilot but the pilot).

As I have struggled through my life with being a cockcoo blaming others for all my life problems, I’ve lacked the will power to do the things needed to change my life. But as I continue my walk with God and in my recovery from various addiction I found that I’m the one responsble for my action and choices. I stopped blaming others for my isolation, for my fears, for my job. It was all me and how I reacted to life situations. The slight Edge rerminded me of that. i can choose today to make that small change to better my situation to realize the dream I’ve had for many years but always allowed the fear of failure to keep me from even trying. I’ve never realized how much failure is a vital component of success until i read this book.

I’ve always wanted to be a self supporting artist. I have some talent but fear has always kept me developing it. Today I can allow the drawing hanging on my wall to be a complete failure. It is the only way I will learn the language of art, the vocabulary of drawing. In time my talent will blossom and shine. Will I reach my dream of supporting my family through my art. It could happen.

It can happen.

I always thought that success happened to other people. The book changed this perspective in me. Mastery begins with crawling and the first step. Not just with the dream but acting on it. Daily.

So here I go. The beginning starts now. My life starts now.